Thursday, July 18, 2013

WritingContest-You Are A Writer

I never really knew what I wanted to be. Like most children I wanted to be a princess, a chef, a teacher, and everything in between at one point. I never sat myself down and had a serious conversation with myself about what I truly wanted to do when I got older. Years later I found a site called Mibba and became curious about the writing world and what it could do. Honestly writing became an escape for me after that and I found myself wanting to write more and more. Then there came a point where I stopped writing for a period of time, I blamed it on my summer schedule and family yet I knew that I was slowly giving up on my writing dream. All of a sudden I had a burst of writing energy course through me and I got ideas again. Those ideas eventually turned into a few of my stories but the majority are still stuck in my head and I'm not exactly sure if they will ever make an appearance online or on paper. As you can tell I don't have a whole dramatic story on how some tragic event happened and led me to writing, but the journey to writing can be a positive story I believe and writing just happened to catch me by the arm and say,"Use your mind woman!" I listened to it of course and I am proud to say that I am here and writing for you today. 

Writing in my case came to me with open arms and a place from me to escape the drama of family and friends and take it to a new place. I have never liked my friends or family reading my work, I fear they would put extra judgment on me and think,"She shouldn't write that,"or,"This is a horrible story." Now I do know that people will judge always in life and I don't think that it will ever change but I guess you could say I just have a fear of disapproval. I kind of got over it when I took a class in my freshman year of high school and we did a lot of peer editing. It scared the bananas out of me but I calmed my nerves and rolled with it despite my fear. I was surprised to see compliments on my paper that were scribbled in the margins but not too surprised to see changes and other editing notes made. I used them to my advantage and worked extremely hard and came out with a better grade in the end.

So you see I guess I had a slight struggle but I feel that writing has always been apart or me somehow and someway. I don't think I realized it until it literally was shoved into my face but I have found a love in writing and I don't think I ever want myself or the world to give it up anytime soon.

Write like there is no tomorrow you never know what it could turn out to be.